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We offer a full line of portable restrooms - including standard units, ADA accessible portable toilets, vip flushing trailers, and hand washing stations to meet your event or job site needs. From construction sites to sporting events to the largest music festivals, we have a proven track record of providing environmentally-responsible portable restrooms for our customers. Our service professionals handle every need you have, ranging from delivery to day-of maintenance to haul-away.

You can count on the Reliant Porta Potty team:

  • Our team works on your schedule, delivering within an agreed time window.
  • We use clean, well-maintained portable restroom units. 
  • Our portable restrooms are operated with the most eco-friendly practices available.
  • Friendly, in-house customer care representatives help through the entire process.

Our goal is to be the company event planners, construction superintendents and builders all think of when needing to rent a porta potty.

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Affordable, clean, and fantastic service. The entire process was completely hassle free and they treated us very well. I will only rent porta potties from Reliant.

Steven Fry

First class service and professionalism. Fast delivery and clean toilets. My company will definitely be using them again next year.

Ed P.

I rented restroom trailer for a wedding. They were the nicest restrooms I've ever seen for portable restroom. Very fancy.

Lynne M.

Porta potty rentals

When do you need to rent porta potties? You need to rent them anytime you have any type of outdoor gathering that's going to last more than an hour. That means you pretty much need to have them rented and set up for anything you are planning that's outdoors. Many of our customers are construction companies that need to provide facilities to their work crew. During a construction project, there aren't usually any bathrooms available. Even if the bathrooms in a building are finished and working, you probably don't want a construction crew using the new facilities. That's where our standard porta potty comes into the picture.

Our porta potties offer a sanitary means for providing bathroom facilities to large groups of people when running water and plumbing are not available. Our standard porta potty is filled with an odor-neutralizing detergent that helps keep them sanitary while keeping odor under control. Part of our service includes servicing your porta-potties, so you'll need them for more than a few days we can come out and empty and sanitize them. Since transparent pricing is one of the most important attributes that any company can have when you call us for a price, the price we quote you is all-inclusive. You'll never get any surprises on your bill when you rent porta potties from us.

Many of our customers that call us to arrange for porta potty rentals don't have any idea how many they'll need. That's okay, most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about how many bathrooms will be needed in different circumstances, and for different size groups of people. Fortunately for you, here at Reliant Porta Potty Rental, we spend a lot of time thinking about this. It's our business to know the specifics about porta potty rental, so when you call us we're more than happy to lend a helping hand and make suggestions.

Standard units

Deluxe units

ADA compliant units 

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Whatever your need we have a porta potty to meet it. 

Hand washing station rentals

Having porta potties for large groups when there are no restrooms available is a necessity, but it's not the only thing that you should consider renting from us. Many of our porta potties have hand sanitizer dispensers, but the truth is that nothing works as good as plain soap and water. The problem with hosting an outdoor event, or even running a construction site, is that without running water washing hands isn't possible. That's why at Reliant Porta Potty Rental we also rent out handwashing stations. Our handwashing stations have an internal reservoir of water, so there's no need to hook them up to an external water source. They also hold all used water in a separate reservoir, which we'll empty when you are done with your handwashing stations.

Our handwashing stations have a large reservoir of freshwater, and a large reservoir for wastewater, so they should be able to serve a large crowd for a considerable amount of time. But if you plan on renting them from us for more than a few days, we'd be happy to come out and empty the wastewater, refill the freshwater, and clean and sanitize them for you. In the interest of being upfront about our pricing, servicing the handwashing stations you rent from us will come with an additional fee, but the fee is more than reasonable when you're renting handwashing stations from us for a week or more.

As an employer, your work crew will appreciate having sinks with running water to wash up after using the restroom, or before eating. It's not a necessity, but it's something that will improve their working conditions. Everyone knows that a happier employee is a more productive employee. Now, when you're dealing with some kind of social event, then handwashing stations become more important. People expect access to sinks when they're guests at an event, and we'd be happy to provide them for you.

Keep your employees feeling and customers safer

Hand sanitizer dispensers available

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Help your employees and customers feel safe and sanitary. 

VIP restroom trailer rentals

What do you do when you're hosting an event that requires something nicer than a standard, basic porta potty? You call us at Reliant Porta Potty Rental. Our standard porta potties will work for any occasion, but they kind of stand out like a sore thumb at classier outdoor events. Could you picture people in fine evening wear using a regular porta potty? That's an odd picture, and it's not one that you want people to have in their heads when they are thinking about and talking about your event after it's ended.

Our VIP restrooms are nothing like a traditional porta-potty. There's nothing wrong with a traditional porta-potty, they are functional, and they provide for a basic human need. But, when you need something that is several steps up from a basic porta-potty, then you need to rent VIP restrooms from us. What's a VIP restroom? It's a small, portable restroom built into a trailer that has electricity for climate control and lights and running water. Our VIP restrooms have toilets that flush, and sinks that have running water. They're so similar to regular bathrooms that if you didn't know it was a portable VIP restroom, you'd probably never know the difference.

The bottom line is that our VIP restrooms serve the same purpose as a standard porta potty, but they do it in a way that is more comfortable for your guests. Porta potties are great on construction sites, they aren't so great when you want to have a classy outdoor event. VIP restrooms are all about the experience. They are about giving people the comfort of an indoor restroom at an elegant, outdoor event. If you are planning any kind of upscale outdoor event, then call us at Reliant Porta Potty Rental so we can supply you with the VIP restrooms that you'll need.

Climate controlled

Clean and well lit


For when a you need more than just a porta potty. Get free VIP trailer quote today!

Give your guests the spa treatment.

Porta potties for special events

Are you planning an outdoor wedding or other types of social events? If you live in an area where the weather is pleasant, then having these types of events outdoors can offer a change of pace to what everyone is used to. An outdoor wedding in the spring or fall can be a beautiful event that will create lasting memories for everyone involved, and everyone that attends. Holding other types of social events outdoors offers the advantage of providing larger areas allowing you to have events with larger groups of people attending. When you plan an outdoor event, you don't have to worry about having too many people crowded together. While there are certain limitations that you'll have to deal with, such as limited seating, refreshments, and restrooms, you can usually plan a larger outdoor gathering than an indoor one.

If you are planning an informal outdoor event, like a music festival, then traditional porta-potties and handwashing stations might be a reasonable option. But, if you are hosting an event that requires a higher standard, then renting VIP restrooms from us is a much better option. Ask yourself, when you need to use the restroom, would you rather use a porta-potty, or would you rather a real bathroom? Obviously, a real bathroom is preferable. But, if you're outdoors where there's plumbing, using a real bathroom is impossible, unless you rent one of our VIP restrooms. Our VIP restrooms have lights, running water, and are climate controlled. They are as close as you can get to a real indoor restroom, while still allowing for the flexibility of a portable restroom.

With more than 10 years of experience, Reliant Porta Potty Rental is a company that you can count on when you're planning an important outdoor event like a wedding. We have a large selection of porta-potties, and we have the inventory necessary to be able to guarantee you whatever number of units you need to rent. Whenever you need something that's a step up from a traditional porta-potty, call us at Reliant Porta Potty Rental and let us show you how much our VIP restrooms can enhance your guest's experience at your event.


Sporting events


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