Handwashing station rentals

Do you need handwashing stations in addition to porta-potties? You don't, but that doesn't mean that they wouldn't be a good idea. Our porta-potties come with hand sanitizer, and that's certainly better than nothing. Do you know what it's not better than? It's not better than ordinary soap and water. Soap and water have been proven time and again to be the best way to clean up and remove germs and harmful microbes from your skin. The problem you run into when planning an outdoor event, or when dealing with a construction site, is that there's no running water. No running water means no handwashing. Normally, that would be the end of the discussion, but when you talk to us about your problem, we'd be happy to rent you mobile handwashing stations. Our mobile handwashing stations don't need access to an external water supply or to a sewer line, this makes them perfect for use in places like construction sites.

How Do Our Portable Handwashing Stations Work?

Our handwashing stations function in an almost identical manner to a regular sink. For all intents and purposes, a portable handwashing station will function exactly like a sink. How do they work? For handwashing, they have a large internal reservoir filled with water that can be dispensed when the sink is turned on. They also have a separate large internal reservoir for holding wastewater. This means that they are a completely self-contained sink that you can deploy just about anywhere.

We'll Come Out and Service the Handwashing Stations You Rent from Us If Needed

Our portable handwashing stations are an ideal solution when you need a sink where you there's no water or sewage lines. Their large internal reservoirs offer an impressive level of service, but since they have a finite capacity you may need us to come out and service them for you. When we service them, we'll empty out any wastewater, clean them, refill the soap dispensers, and also refill the freshwater supply. One thing that we strongly believe in is providing transparent pricing at all times. So, with that being said, servicing your handwashing stations is an additional fee on your bill, but like all the services we offer, it's reasonably priced.

Mobile Handwashing Stations Are Perfect for Worksites or Social Events

Today, cleaning and sanitation are more important than ever before. That's why offering handwashing stations to your guests at a public gathering will be appreciated. Chances are that your event is going to have food and beverages, which means that you need a way for people to wash up before consuming them. You probably also have porta potties for them to use, and while hand sanitizer is one solution, running water and soap trumps it every time.

While handwashing stations are an obvious choice for social events, don't overlook providing them to a construction crew. Just because you have guys doing a dirty job doesn't mean that they don't need to be able to wash up before lunch, or after using the bathroom. Our mobile handwashing stations are an affordable way for you to provide your workers with a functioning sink that they'll certainly appreciate.

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