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Reliant Porta Potty Rental is here to help you when you are planning an outdoor wedding or any other type of formal social event that's taking place outdoors. Hosting a wedding or any other type of social event outdoors is definitely more unique than the traditional indoor venues that most people are accustomed to, and it's something you should consider if you live in a region where there's nice weather. Outdoor weddings can be striking, beautiful, and much livelier than an indoor event. Wedding days are usually the most important days of people's lives, so if you can host an elegant, outdoor wedding for them, then go ahead and run with it.

Hosting a wedding or other formal social event has a lot of advantages, and a few disadvantages as well. As far as advantages go, having a huge outdoor venue allows you to have more people comfortably attend your event. Another advantage, assuming the weather cooperates, is having fresh air and enjoying spending time outside instead of having a big crowd of people stuck together in an indoor venue. Outdoor venues for weddings and other formal social events have a lot going for them, but they do have one major drawback that can be problematic if you don't plan for it. What is that drawback?

The drawback of having formal events outdoors is the lack of bathrooms and running water. The last thing in the world that you want is to have a large group together for any reason then not provide them with bathrooms that they can use. Are porta potties an option? They are, but they should be your last option on your list. Porta potties at any type of formal event can ruin the event. That's right, something as simple as bathroom accommodations can make that big of a difference in how people perceive an event.

This is where we can step in and provide you with the helping hand that you need. If you're in charge of planning a wedding or any other type of formal outdoor event, you've got a lot to deal with. That's why you should hire us at Reliant Porta Potty Rental to handle all of your bathroom accommodations. We have VIP restrooms that have the type of elegant look and functionality that befits a formal event. These restrooms have lights, climate control, and running water, making them a far better option than a traditional porta-potty.

When you need a company that you can count on to deliver VIP restrooms to a formal outdoor event, you should call us at Reliant Porta Potty Rental. We rent everything from standard porta-potties, all the way up to luxury VIP restrooms that are perfect for weddings and other events. With more than a decade of experience, we're here to help you in any way that we can. Our reputation for excellence is second to none, and if you give us the opportunity, we'd love to show you how our VIP restrooms can help create the right atmosphere for your formal event.

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Affordable, clean, and fantastic service. The entire process was completely hassle free and they treated us very well. I will only rent porta potties from Reliant.

Sidney M.

First class service and professionalism. Fast delivery and clean toilets. My company will definitely be using them again next year.

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I rented restroom trailer for a wedding. They were the nicest restrooms I've ever seen for portable restroom. Very fancy.

Lynne M.

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