VIP restroom trailer rentals

Reliant Porta Potty Rental has you covered when you need to rent something a bit classier than one of our traditional porta-potties. Our standard porta potties work well for construction sites and informal social events like street fairs. But what do you do when you need something nicer than a porta potty for an event that's more formal? You might not realize that you have options, but we're here to tell you otherwise. We have a selection of VIP restrooms that are the perfect fit for any outdoor social event that is intended to be classier and more sophisticated than a regular street fair. When you need to provide your guests with a restroom option that doesn't look like it belongs on the side of a road, then call us at Reliant Porta Potty Rental so we can tell you all about our VIP restrooms.

What do we mean when we say VIP restroom? We mean a mobile restroom that has the same appearance and amenities that you would find in a nice public restroom. Sure, from the outside they look like little trailers, but from the inside, they resemble nice restrooms that just happen to have low ceilings. Don't worry, we're not just trying to rent you a nicer looking porta potty. Our VIP restrooms are as functional as a regular bathroom as well. They are climate controlled, have working lights, a sink, and when you flush the toilet, well it actually flushes!

If you didn't have access to VIP restrooms for your event could you get by using regular porta-potties? Sure, just don't expect people to be very happy about it. On a construction site, workers are accustomed to using a porta-potty filled with blue detergent. While the detergent does a great job at controlling odor, it's still no replacement for running water. The bottom line is that our VIP restrooms are all about the experience. People could get away with using a porta-potty, but they'd be much happier using something a lot nicer, like a VIP restroom.

You might think it's funny to place so much attention on something as simple as a bathroom. But, believe it or not, our VIP restrooms can make a huge impression on anyone that attends your event. What you have to decide is if you want people to think about your event for having porta potties that seemed so out of place, or if you'd rather they remembered what a great time they had and didn't give a second thought to the bathroom accommodations.

If you aren't sure that you need to rent VIP restrooms for your event, give us a call and let us help you make a decision. You could be right; you could be hosting the type of event where people expect to use a porta-potty. If that's the case, we'll let you know so you don't waste your money on a more expensive VIP restroom. But, if we think that a regular porta potty is going to stand out for all the wrong reasons, we'll be sure to let you know. Are our VIP restrooms more expensive? They are, but when you're hosting any type of formal event it's worth spending a little more money to ensure your guests have a great time.

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